West Main Boutique happened on a divine intervention with Jenn and Marsha in 2021. IT WAS TRULY AMAZING!

                                         - HOW THE STORY BEGINS -

I, Jenn am the owner of West Main Boutique in Spring Grove, Minnesota (a very quaint hallmark town in southeastern Minnesota ). When Covid struck our country I was forced to shut down which was a very destructive time for small businesses. I had been praying that I could find someone with my same passion and work ethic to help me run and manage my beautiful boutique, knowing it was going to be too much for myself to handle when I was able to re open. 

I also own and work as a hairstylist in back, what we call Stratford Salon (The salon was formerly located at Stratford Farm outside of town, hence the name) which occupies the back half of the Boutique. After I was allowed to re-open, my books not only were they packed and over flowing but I no longer could run the boutique the way I envisioned, so...as you can guess! My prayers were answered the summer of 2021. I was introduced to the beautiful soul Marsha Vonarx. She was just what I had been praying for. We met at the boutique and instantly knew we shared the same values, goals and vision!  It was an instant connection! How did we get so lucky?! I knew when I met Marsha she was the right fit for me. So many of the same morals and values, we knew we would make a perfect partnership and friendship in this boutique business. ( Family, Christians, fashion, trends, decor, making people feel special, inviting and the list goes on and on ). So at this point on we knew we could rock the boutique world.


* Lets back up a few steps and get to know each of us just a bit more- I, Jenn am a busy Hairstylist and married mother of 5.  We have a blended, wild and crazy, beautiful family, a yours mine and ours situation. Busy from the time the sunrises til the sun sets. 

I am a very blessed mom who loves fashion, making everyone feel good and confident and if you know me at all you know I LOVE to socialize and be creative. You will find me mostly in the salon, or in a gym watching my kids play volleyball or basketball,  but I am seen in the boutique as well when im not behind the chair. I thank the lord for Marsha so much, she is the face, heart and soul of the Boutique. Again...how did I get so lucky?! 

My husband Nels is the talent behind the building. He is a Licensed Contractor, and also a business owner of his own business Gulbranson Building & Renovation. We truly make a great pair, we lean on each other constantly for input and creativity. I am constantly proposing new projects to him that I can brag about ;) 

I am so thankful for all your support of our beautiful Brick and Mortar Boutique. There have been many great changes since Marsha and I have co-partnered.. and more to come! We truly feel so luck and blessed to have found each other and blended our worlds.

* Now onto Marsha- Marsha has truly been a blessing to me and Spring Grove. Marsha is married to her high school sweetheart, Mark. She is an ex hairstylist (how ironic, right?!) and has a style like no other. Marsha has 2 beautiful daughters both married, and 3 beautiful grandsons she adores! Marsha has done daycare in her home for 30 years when her children were small. Marsha had a mobile boutique truck when I met her ( to be honest, I still wish she would have kept that thing. We would be boppin all around the country singing our hearts out to some Lauren Daigle radio and selling clothes on the roadside!)  She has been in retail for over 5 years and loves to make women feel confident and look great. Marsha is energetic and full of kindness. I often describe her to people that have never met her as a warm hug. She just has a way of instantly making you feel loved. Her great style consists of funky and trendiness, a true boutique owner. Jesus is a number one in her life, much like it is mine. Because of this our partnership has blossomed so naturally.  I feel blessed beyond words to have partnered with Marsha. And to think... this is only the beginning!

Mother - Daughter  team is what we bring to this boutique. We motivate each other to be a better person everyday, and LOVE to have fun, laughter is the best medicine.. along with a drink from our neighbors at The Rock Filter Distillery ;)

We offer a unique and inviting environment, we welcome you to a great and relaxing shopping experience! We hope to  see you in person soon!

"Where ever you meet us on our journey in life we are so thankful for you" -M


                                       Jenn & Marsha